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Empowering Small Businesses with Data-Driven Insights for a Competitive Edge.

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Why Choose Us?

Your trusted partner

Our Story

Our Vision

We aim to contribute to the success stories of countless small enterprises.

Our vision is simple and straightforward – to become the trusted partner and catalyst for growth for small businesses. We envision a future where every small business has access to the strategic insights and guidance they need to excel. Our services are designed to make this vision a reality.

Our Mission

The right insights, skills and actions make all the difference.

Our mission is to provide small businesses with the necessary insights, tools and expertise to help them thrive and prosper in today’s fast-paced business environment. We are committed to making this a reality.

Our Commitment

Behind every small business is a dream, a vision and people.

At the heart of our commitment is a deep belief in the potential of small businesses.  We are committed to providing these businesses with the knowledge, strategies, and support they need to overcome challenges and seize opportunities.

Why Choose Us?

Tailored Solutions, Data-Driven Insights, and a Competitive Edge in Your Business Journey.

We bring extensive experience in data analysis, strategy development, project management, and business consulting and tailor our solutions to your specific needs and objectives. Our data-driven approach ensures that your decisions are well-informed and results-oriented, giving you a competitive advantage.

A Word from Our CEO & Director, Founder


I am Tobi Akiode, the driving force behind TobiAkiode. It’s my privilege to welcome you to a place where your business is not just a venture, but a transformative journey.

Our mission at TobiAkiode is deeply rooted in a belief that Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) are more than the economy’s backbone; they are the pulsing heart of innovation and progress. We recognize your challenges – seeking precise, insightful accounting, navigating complex tax laws, and achieving sustainable growth. We provide ‘Insights for the Edge’ in accounting to address these.

Our services, spanning meticulous bookkeeping, comprehensive accounting and auditing, expert tax consultancy, and beyond-the-norm strategic management consultancy, represent more than offerings. They are tools crafted to foster your business’s growth and success. We don’t just handle numbers; we empower your decision-making, transforming data into actionable insights.

The essence of TobiAkiode extends beyond business operations; it embodies a commitment to excellence and empowerment. From its inception as a founder’s vision to its evolution, my role as CEO and Director has been focused on steering our dedicated team towards innovative solutions that genuinely elevate your business experience.

What sets us apart is our method. Our business data analytics, consulting, training, and coaching approach is customised to your unique needs. We listen, we understand, and we act, ensuring that every collaborative step with us is a stride towards your triumph.

I warmly invite you to embrace the TobiAkiode difference. Join us on this journey, where your business aspirations are met with our expertise, commitment, and a shared celebration of each milestone.

Together, let’s unlock your business’s potential, transforming challenges into opportunities, and aspirations into achievements.

Warm regards,

Tobi Akiode
CEO & Director, Founder
Tobi Akiode and Co. Limited

Tobi Akiode

Tobi Akiode

CEO & Director, Founder

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